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State Project Development & Research Institute of Marine Transport CHORNOMORNDIPROEKT State Enterprise, founded in 1930, welcomes you cordially!
The main directions of the Institute's activities are the following:
- complete design of sea harbours, shipyards, and facilities of sea and river transport infrastructure;
- on-shore and off-shore engineering survey (geology, hydrology, geodesy);
- scientific research in marine hydraulic engineering;
- ecological research and solutions on environmental protection against impact of facilities being designed and operated;
- engineering.

CHORNOMORNDIPROEKT has got State Certificates for the right to exercise construction activity in Ukraine, is State Awards laureate for design of a number of the most significant objects (Illyichevsk (currently Chornomorsk) Port, Illyichevsk Shipyard, Odessa Marine Passenger Terminal, Novorossiysk Port);
is a base standardizing and regulating organization in marine hydraulic engineering, technological design of sea ports, shipyards, and sea channels;
is a joint member Odessa Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
The Institute’s scientific and engineering production is worked out under supervised conditions established by Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 International standards and certified by Bureau Veritas Certification No.UA228563 valid to August 26, 2020.
The Institute also has:
- Certificate of Recognition issued by Shipping Register of Ukraine No. CB 22-4-05-17 valid to February 15, 2022;
- License No.229.15.51 issued by Territorial Administration of State Industrial Supervision Gospromnadzor of Ukraine to execute high risk works valid to July 15, 2020;
- License Series ÀÄNo.037776 issued by State Inspection of Technological Safety of Ukraine to design firefighting systems at the projects of high, middle and low fire risk level, the license validity is unlimited.
CHORNOMORNDIPROEKT Institute is the member of Ukrainian Quality Association (Certificate C No. 15012).
CHORNOMORNDIPROEKT has a highly qualified staff of experts in all directions of the Institute's activity (totally 400 employees) including an Academician and a Corresponding Member of Transport Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 4 Academicians and 5 Corresponding Members of International Academy of Sciences for Ecology, Man and Nature Safety, one Doctor Eng.Sc., 2 Ph. D's of Engineering and Economic Sciences and one Ph. D.of Geographical Sc.;

Main building of 7200 sq. m area;

Laboratory building of 4100 sq. m area;

Modern local area network, high-quality printers, A3-A0 format digitizers and plotters, graphic and text editors, applied software, high-performance copying machines of the leading world companies.

CHORNOMORNDIPROEKT consists of design and survey departments:

Harbours and Shipyards Design Dept., Hydraulic Structures Dept. with Construction Management Sector, Architecture-and-Civil Engineering Dept., Sanitary Engineering Dept., Electric Supply and Automation Dept., Communication and Electric-Radio-Navigation Dept., Engineering Ecology Dept., Engineering Survey Dept., Engineering Geodesy Dept., Estimate and Rate Dept., Department of Design Process Automation;

research departments:

Laboratory of Hydraulic Research and Port Water Basins, and Laboratory of Hydroengineering Structures Research.

In technical archives there are over than 90000 books on actually all harbours and other facilities of marine transport of Black Sea, Azov and Danube basins beginning from 1930, including about 6000 volumes with engineering survey data.

The Standard library stock amounts over 500 copies of type designs and about 1400 standards, additionally there are two standard bases of regulations for construction in Ukraine. (about 5000 copies).

As part of CHORNOMORNDIPROEKT, SE design departments carrying out design and estimate documentation for infrastructure facilities for either sea and river transport, or other industrial and civil facilities, the Communication and Electric Radio Navigation Design Department develops the following sections of the mentioned documentation.
1. Wire communication systems (telephone, including IP-telephony, wire broadcasting and loudspeaker warning, technological loudspeaker communication, cable-line facilities, etc.).
2. Technical means of automated control and information systems (computer network, including structured cabling systems, data transmission systems based on Wi-Fi technology).
3. Systems of video surveillance (for management, security and technological purposes).
4. Motor and railway transport accounting systems.
5. Radio communication systems (maritime and land mobile services).
6. Satellite communications, base stations of mobile communication systems, radio relay communication links.
7. Technical means of security systems (fire alarm and fire warning, security, perimeter alarm, access control and management systems, control of the security personnel activity).
8. Communication and signaling in the system of emergency situations and civil defense. The network of detection and notification within the marine structures area as a part of documentation "Automated system of early detection of emergency situations and public annunciation".
9. Systems and facilities to ensure navigation safety (systems and facilities for ships navigation management, berthing approach system, etc.)

10. Integrated networks using single transmission medium, active and passive communication equipment for communication, alarm, data transmission and video surveillance systems.
11. Assessment of electromagnetic fields impact on the environment. Measures of environmental protection against influence of electromagnetic fields by radio equipment.
The mentioned systems are designed in accordance with the current applicable standard regulations using modern technologies and the latest technical means in the field of telecommunications.
One of the most important directions of the department's work is development of design documentation for systems and objects ensuring navigation safety.
These include the following services and facilities of ships navigation management - Regional services, centers and stations of ships navigation management, automated radar and TV posts:
- the regional service for ships navigation management "Danube" in the Ukrainian part of the river Danube consisting of seven facilities;
- Regional service of ships navigation management of the Bug-Dnieper region with The Russian Braid Centre consisting of seven facilities;
- Services of ships navigation management in the ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk, Yuzhny and Mariupol.
Equipment of coastal facilities of automatic information system to improve navigation safety, to protect the environment and to increase the efficiency of ship navigation management systems use in the territorial waters of Ukraine, as well as to transmit information about ships and their cargo to on-shore services of concerned agencies.
Coastal radio stations of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) of the A1 and A2 sea areas in the area of responsibility of Ukraine are built according to our below designs:
- A1 sea area in the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk;
- transmitting radio station of A2 sea area on Bolshoy Fountain Cape.
The equipment of the DGPS/GLONASS Controlling and Correcting Stations on the territory of the operating lighthouses Odessa (Bolshoy Fountain Cape) and at Zmeiny island are also established according to the design documentation of the Institute.
While designing marine structures for accommodation of ships carrying dangerous cargo and large capacity vessels, in order to assist the pilotage service and monitor the condition of the vessel while mooring it at the berth, it is provided to use berthing approach systems based on laser sensors.