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Chernomorniiproekt's research laboratories carry out:

Investigation of hydraulic engineering structures condition (protecting, berthing structures) in the ports and shipyards carrying out complete (above-water and under-water) inspection, large-scale modelling and diagnostics, giving out conclusions and recommendations for redesign, modernization, maintenance, strengthening, increase of operating loads.

Design and study of progressive base constructions of coast protecting, protecting and berthing structures.

Design solutions for protection of ports' and shipyards' water areas against waves, safe accommodation of ships and other floating facilities, optimization of sea canals capacity and their dimensions.

Development of technology of on-shore and off-shore dumping, rational utilization of soil dumps.

Studying the coast dynamics, silts transport, sea canals and port water basins siltation, and solutions on their protection against silts.

Experimental definition of basic dynamic parameters of hydraulic engineering structures, selection of a dynamic design scheme, assessment of structures seismic stability, measurement of vibration level, recommendations for rising of seismic stability.

We fulfil:

Expert evaluation of belongings and ground lots, property and business rights on the territory of Ukraine;

Field supervision of construction;

Investigation, diagnostics and assessment of technical condition of buildings, hydraulic and other structures, their certification;

Engineering consulting;

Mediatory works and services.