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The research laboratories CHORNOMORNDIPROEKT, SE, carry out:
Investigation of marine structures condition (protecting, berthing structures) in the ports and shipyards including complete (above-water and under-water) survey, diagnostics and issuing conclusions and recommendations for reconstruction, modernization, maintenance, strengthening and increase of operating loads.
Design solutions for protection of ports' and shipyards' water areas against waves, safe accommodation of ships and other floating facilities, optimization of sea channels capacity and their dimensions.
Development of technology of on-shore and off-shore dumping, rational utilization of soil dumps.
Studying the coast dynamics, silts transport, sea canals and port water basins siltation, and solutions on their protection against silts.
Mathematical simulation of hydrological and litho-dynamical processes; among wave patterns and simulation systems used are ones of own development as well as the leading ones in the world, e.g. Swan, Ref/Dif or CMS.
Complex environmental monitoring of water construction works, including dredging operations/

Laboratory of Hydroengineering Structures Research is a self-contained department of CHORNOMORNDIPROEKT, SE, that performs the following works:
- Development of rational alternative solutions for reconstruction, capital repair, modernization and strengthening of port marine structures, including usage of utilized materials, constructions etc.
- Complex survey of port marine structures (over-water and under-water) purposed to clarification of their actual condition and design loading scheme.
- Underwater engineering works, including survey identifying probable sources of deterioration of the ecological situation at maritime transport enterprises.
- Ensuring navigation safety, including certification of access channels, port water areas, operational waters, anchorage points as well as assistance in large-capacity vessels pilotage.
- Determination of concrete strength characteristics of operated facilities.
- Cyclic survey of deformation state of port marine structures.
- Development of geodetic landmarks design, and designs of observation networks.

- Certification of port structures on the basis of complex survey and analysis of actual operation scheme.
- Studying possibility of installation of larger capacity loading equipment on the quays.
- Justification of design schemes and development of calculation methods for port marine structures having unconventional structural design.
- Mathematical simulation of structures design schemes applying modern computer software.
- Issuing recommendations for construction of port marine structures involving new progressive technology.
- Experimental definition of the main dynamic parameters of port marine structures, selection of a dynamic design scheme, assessment of seismic stability of structures and facilities, measurement of vibration levels.
- Issuing recommendations for increasing the rate of seismic stability of port marine structures and facilities.
- Forecast of port marine structures non-failure operation, issuing recommendations for increasing efficiency of their technical operation.
- Issuing recommendations for technical supervision of construction and operation of port marine structures.

The Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art geodesic equipment and devices for field survey; there is modern diving equipment and outfit in the Laboratory.

There is considerable experience of studying technical and deformation state of marine structures at the ports and shipyards of Black Sea, Azov and Danube basins, as well as at a number of foreign ports, and of development of standard regulations accumulated in the Laboratory. A great number of efficiency suggestions and inventions, many of which were implemented into production, had been developed.

The Laboratory staff members are the authors of monographs, scientific writings and articles, take part in international scientific conferences and symposiums.