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With the purpose of initial data collecting we execute all kinds of engineering survey: geological, hydrometeorological, hydrographical, topographic-and-geodesic in integrated way.

Engineering geological surveying works are executed on-shore and off-shore, in field and laboratory using up-to-date technical facilities and methodology allowing to define required soils parameters as well as to forecast change of their properties when constructing and operating on them buildings and installations. Engineering geological marine survey is carried out by specialized catamaran vessel "Geolog-1" having the following main data:

Extreme length, m - 25,6

Breadth, m - 14,0

Extreme draught, m - 2,0

Total displacement, reg.t - 350,0

Capacity of main propulsion engines, h.p. - 2x300

Independence in operating condition, days - 30,0

"Geolog-1" is fitted out with following specialized equipment:

  • "Ground" Station for the sea bottom investigation by seismic-acoustic method.
  • PBU-1 Drilling Rig

drilling diameter, mm - to 168

drilling depth with two diameters (168 mm reduces

to 127 mm), m - to 80

drilling methods - mechanical, stroke-cabled, rotary

sampling - by vacuum sample taker or driving sampler with a leaf-valve.

  • PSPK-89 Probing Set with a microprocessor unit for the computer data processing. Parameters subject to determination are: frontal resistance, side friction resistance, volume weight, natural gamma-ray background;

unit penetration depth, m - 25-30

probing depth, m - 25-30

maximum pressing force, t - 12

probe diameter, mm - 80

Soils properties in field conditions are defined by the methods of static probing, rotary cut, press metering and other, using original patented units of our own design and manufacturing, i.e. "IGLA-1M", "IGLA-2", "SREZ-2", "PPPG-2", "ZP-1", "POL-1", etc., rewarded with prizes and medals of national and international exhibitions.

Hydrometeorological and hydrographical works are performed applying up-to-date units and equipment manufactured in Germany, Great Britain (automated "C-Fix¦ System), France and Ukraine for look-out either complete, or separate elements of hydrometeorological conditions of coastal ocean and sea zones, river mouths, sea and river ports and backwaters.

The results of research works are operatively processed and output as initial data for feasibility studies or designs of construction of port hydraulic structures and coast protecting ones.

Geodesic and topographical works include the following:

  • construction of closeness networks and survey control;
  • large-scale mapping;
  • special engineering geodesic layout works;
  • creation and updating of cadaster maps and plans;
  • structures deformation watch;
  • construction of digital mould of a locality by automated processing of survey data and its raster displays;
  • creation of geographic information systems.